How does the availability of Tesla service facilities affect sales of electric cars?

How does the availability of Tesla service facilities affect sales of electric cars?

Global sales of electric cars are growing at a fast pace. There are many reasons why electric cars have become so popular, and a continuous reduction in prices is one of them. Tesla electric cars are becoming more and more affordable – the American manufacturer cut down the price on the most trendy models (Model 3, Model S, and Model X), except for a brand-new Model Y.

However, some people still remain wary of electric cars, and with a good reason – timely maintenance is "a must" when it comes to their reliable and efficient performance.

A lack or sometimes even absence of specialized workshops for electric vehicles also hampers the expansion of electric cars. Though, the situation is changing. Car service facilities are getting refit, new workshops with specialization in electric car maintenance and repair are being opened, and the workshop owners are buying special repair equipment and tools to provide quality services for electric cars.

Scan tool LOKI Tesla is one of the most in-demand devices for garage specialists engaged in Tesla diagnostics and repair.

A diagnostic tool for Tesla is used to carry out the repair and maintenance of Tesla - Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

It allows garage specialists to

  1. access a central computer (CID, IC);
  2. access service functions of vehicle ECU, change settings and configurations;
  3. work with firmware, read, decode, and clear fault codes.

These are some of the device's advantages

  1. Easy installation, connection, and operation.
  2. Intuitive interface.
  3. Free automatic firmware update.

LOKI features enable us to

  1. install and configure navigation system in Tesla including Model S (tegra/intel), Model X (tegra/intel), Model 3, and Model Y;
  2. install new software versions: the latest 2020.48 is available;
  3. change configuration in Model S/X Tegra, Model S/X Intel;
  4. partially reconfigure Model 3 up to version 2020.48;
  5. pair key;
  6. read and decode alert codes;
  7. clear service alert codes;
  8. work with BMS (battery);
  9. work with some ECUs communicating via the CAN bus;
  10. read DTC from individual modules;
  11. clear DTC from individual modules;
  12. read data from individual modules;
  13. read a pre-set PIN and disable Valet Mode;
  14. read a pre-set PIN and disable PIN to Drive;
  15. enable Factory/Diagnostic/Developer mode (all software versions);
  16. switch-over electric car systems into Service Mode;
  17. program ECUs to a car (VIN learn);
  18. set, adapt, and calibrate radar sensor, door handles, charger port door, etc.;
  19. deactivate BMS fault codes;
  20. clear crash data from SRS;
  21. clear crash data from TAS/EAS;
  22. autopilot firmware update.

What is Factory mode?

Factory mode is intended for diagnostics and repair of Tesla electric cars.

Factory mode allows us to obtain information concerning

  1. battery capacity;
  2. possible faults;
  3. configurations;
  4. condition of sensors;
  5. test systems, etc.

A scan tool for Tesla is used for vehicle health assessment. Upon activation of Tesla Factory Mode/Service Mode, a specialist can proceed with the repair.

What is Secured Configuration?

Secured Configuration is a paid add-on that provides the LOKI multi-function scan tool with new auxiliary features. It supports Tesla Model 3 only.

Security configuration is used to

  1. enable any autopilot type;
  2. enable Performance of Security Configuration (Long Range Dual Motor cars with the engine part numbers that end in 980);
  3. convert US→EU side blinkers, reconfigure headlights;
  4. enable Premium Connectivity (Spotify, YouTube, etc.);
  5. enable Supercharge.

Tesla maintenance and diagnostics are the developing areas in the field of car service. Purchase of LOKI will allow you to conduct complete diagnostics of vehicle electronic control units. The functionality of Tesla enables the programming of Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

The developers of LOKI keep developing new features that can be added to the device functionality to make Tesla maintenance even more efficient and comfortable.

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